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iDRIVE is Australia’s leading developer and supplier of Throttle Controllers, GPS vehicle Trackers and other products. With a passion for off road, their products have been carefully selected for their performance, reliability and application. If you need a more responsive driving experience and want to know where you car, 4×4, camper, trailer or caravan are at any moment, then you can trust the iDRIVE team to have a trusty solution.
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Built for the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback, ARB’s 4×4 accessories are designed tough to withstand the extremes faced by enthusiasts the world over.Touring, towing, camping or competition – whatever you’re into, we have an extensive range of premium quality accessories to complement your vehicle and lifestyle. So when you need more from your 4×4, speak to the experts at ARB.
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Part of ARB’s integrated 4×4 suspension systems, Emu Dakar leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride performance irrespective of the operating conditions the vehicle’s suspension is required to work under.
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First established in 1953, Brown & Watson International Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality NARVA automotive lighting and electrical accessories to the automotive, heavy transport, recreational vehicle, mining, marine and agricultural industries throughout Australasia and the Pacific region.

Today more than 5,000 individual part numbers make up the NARVA range in Australia’s most comprehensive market leading catalogue. The entire product range can also be accessed via the sophisticated.

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Trek Hardware 4×4 have brought a new level of DIY and brand choice to the 4×4 scene with a chain of superstores across the country and more on the way. With a long established history as Australia’s biggest importer and distributor of quality trailer parts, Trek are uniquely placed to offer a diversity of products, brands and advice outside of the scope of your average 4×4 shop. If you want old fashioned service, reasonable pricing and true brand choice, get yourself down to your local Trek Hardware 4×4 Superstore.
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Piranha is proudly a 100% Australian owned manufacturer and distributor of highly specialised products for the off road 4WD industry. With over 25 years in the 4wd market, beginning as Piranha Electronic Ignition, you are dealing with experts and leaders in the industry.Piranha has distributors located throughout Australia with their main aim to provide you with the best and most reliable products for all your 4WD needs.Piranha Off Road Products is Australia’s premier manufacturer of Dual Battery Management Systems and Ezi-Fit Wheel Chains for all types of vehicles.
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Built on a long heritage of race proven research and technology, the Mickey Thompson range represents the cutting edge of 4wd tyre technology. Advanced compounds, specific tread designs and super strong side walls make the Mickey Thompson range the first choice for recreational 4wdrivers and off road competitors.

The tyre of choice for the ARB Off Road Racing Series, you can see the same tyres on the race track that are on your every day 4wd. That’s how tough the Mickey Thompson tyres are.
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Since the 1960’s, Terraintamer has learnt from these pioneers – sometimes the hard way. While every vehicle has its strengths, they all have weaknesses that can stop them in their tracks without a care for location.

They’re learnt what works well and how they can strengthen a vehicle to ensure safe passage through our dangerous yet beautiful landscape.

It all began with Bedfords and Leylands and continued through LandCruisers and Patrols to where they are today with a quickly spreading market of 4WD Utilities that are themselves on their own pioneering journey.

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The Mean Mother brand of 4WD winches & recovery equipment is exclusively owned by Haigh Australia. We have been servicing the automotive aftermarket industry for over 40 years and today we are recognised and respected for our diverse range of automotive & lifestyle products and brands. With our head office based in South East Queensland, we have offices & distribution centres capable of servicing the entire country with a strong focus towards product development, marketing and direct to customer sales representation. Our extensive warehousing and route to market capabilities are the backbone of our continued success.
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Quality of workmanship is very important to them and they strive for perfection. They only use top quality bearings, parts and oils because they are more interested in quality repairs and upholding our warranty, than making a quick buck. AND they don’t just replace the one faulty bearing in your gearbox but instead fit a full bearing kit!  They tell you the truth and tell it straight! They are on 4WDTV multiple times per week so upholding our reputation is most important to them.
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Dpchip is Australia’s premier diesel service centre with 60 years of experience in the diesel automotive industry.They have been working exclusively on diesel since 1956. Reinhard being trained by Bosch in Germany then sent to Australia as a specialist trouble shooter and then working on diesel trucks, large diesel ships and a variety of other diesel engines.  They have been recognised world wide by automotive manufacturers for diesel development knowledge and expertise. Because of their technical knowledge and practical experience they provide outstanding customer support and product backup.
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TRED 4×4 by Evolve Group is a specialist in product design, engineering and manufacturing, using our extensive knowledge and experience to produce best in market solutions. They are 100 per cent Australian owned and operated with all processes including design, engineering, manufacturing and material suppliers strictly home grown.

They offer a range of off road and recreational vehicle products which continue to grow rapidly as they bring more innovations to market. They product design and material selection processes are trialled with the harsh Australian environment in mind. They advanced design engineers and material development partners allow them to manufacture products that are affordable, allowing greater access to the wider market.

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4×4 Obsession is located on the west side of Melbourne at Melton and is one of Melbourne’s premium 4×4 workshops offering superior advice, service and products. Whether it’s a pre trip inspection, a major service or repair or a V8 conversion, 4×4 Obsession can do the job quickly, honestly and at a fair price. 4×4 Obsession also have a great range of quality 4×4 accessories, a team of highly experienced mechanics and a full 4×4 dyno for peak tuning.

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ARB Penrith is NSW’s number one ARB store. Conveniently located within the south western Sydney suburb of Penrtih, this full 4×4 showroom and workshop is equipped with all of your favourite ARB products plus the ability to install them, service your 4wd and repair and maintain your rig as required. Well known for their customer service and quality work, ARB Penrith are your trusted partner in adventure.

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Owned by off road legend Nick Mannell, Mannell Motors is one of Sydney’s longest standing 4×4 shops. As an independent, Mannell Motors offers a selection of quality 4×4 accessories including the full range of ARB gear. If you are on the north side of Sydney and require trustworthy, experienced and reliable 4×4 parts, accessories and service, then mannell Motors are your prime choice.

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Travel Buddy is a portable, lightweight oven that can cook, bake and warm foods while you travel. Travel Buddy is made in Australia using food grade stainless steel. It comes in two different sizes and in 12 or 24 volt options. Powered through a standard cigarette lighter socket, Travel Buddy can safely cook and heat whilst you are driving for convenient and hot meals on the go.

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